Sunday, February 25, 2007

What Contrasts!

One month ago Bolivians were fighting in Cochabamba, because of a stupid political conflict between the central government with his cocaleros and the local government with his citizens. In that time Bolivia was completely divided. Now, Bolivia is more unified as ever, because of the natural disasters, that are affecting mainly the Departaments of Beni and Santa Cruz.

It was fantastic to see how people of all kind of social status were making donations to the local government, for the people in Santa Cruz. Tons and tons of food and clothes have been taken by plane to the affected people in the other side of the country.

It is pleasant to see also that central government and local governments are working hard and unified to help the thousand of families that are trapped in the water. It makes us believe that we can construct a unified country and forget that stupid political war. Of course it is a sad episode that has unified us, but I think it can be the beginning of a unified walk between east and west.

All my prayers for the people that is suffering from the rains and let’s hope rains stop soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, dude. Why are you writing your comments in english? I think you should do it in spanish, it worked well before. Cheers,