Friday, July 14, 2006


Some brief notations of stupid things that other governments also do:

Cuba has sent medical doctors or practicioners to Bolivia to help in rural areas. In less than 6 months most of them have deserted and now are working as salsa teachers. Naturally this happened, because they have been sent with wages according to Cuba which of course are very low. In Bolivia where there is a high demand of salsa teachers is a very good business to teach salsa than being a doctor working in rural areas. Don’t you think so?

Argentina has adopted a discriminatory price for cars with foreign patents. So, if you are from Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay or any foreign country you have to pay a higher price for gasoline in the frontiers. What will happen, is that some intelligent argentinians are going to buy the gasoline with their cars at a price say 100$ and are going to sell it to foreigners at a price of 150$ when the legal price in a pump is 200$. So a black market for gasoline will emerge. Ok, that is how markets work, but what is the benefit for the government? Nothing!

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