Thursday, October 05, 2006

Which color for this October?

What is happening at this time in Huanuni is extremely serious. Erbol states a preliminary report of 10 people who died and about 70 who were injured. The conflict began at 10:30 in the morning and the government sent just a commission to the site at 20:30 in the afternoon. This commission can not accede to the site, because the situation is really incontrollable.

The Vice-President appeared in Television (Why the president did not appeared?) and said that it was an economic conflict of who leads the mine (Bolivia’s richest tin mine). Who cares about that? The main point is that people are dying, and not only men also women.

A deputy of the MAS said that it was the fault of previous governments. If people has voted for MAS is precisely, because they expected this government to fix the “bad” things that previous governments did. What is the result in 10 months of government….exactly the same s….

What can we expect? I do not know, but the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) is angry because the Cooperativistas had the support of the Government. On Monday, the transport sector is going to stop. And as in the Far West it is possible that the two mine sectors (Cooperativistas and Asalariados) will continue fighting.

The government does not know what to do, and has lost the control of this and other situations. Anyway, if October 2003 was called Black October, because of the people who died in El Alto, what color are we going to give to this October 2006.

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